Advertorial Copywriting

Advertorials are those articles you start reading in newspapers and magazines and if they’re really really good, you don’t even realise what you’re reading till you’re halfway through a purchase you’ve just been mysteriously compelled to make.

An advertorial looks like and reads like an objective piece of journalism, but in actual fact it’s a promotional piece of writing for you or your commercial offerings.

Advertorials usually have a specific goal in terms of a call to action. Either they’ll want the reader to sign up for something, download something, make a donation to a charity or good cause, visit a website or store, or of course, make a purchase.

Advertorials are usually much cheaper than traditional advertising, but they’re not the easiest things to get right.

The tone of the advertorial has to fit with the tone of the publication that hosts it, otherwise it’ll stick out like a third knee. If you get it wrong, it could backfire badly and cause significant damage to your brand.

So just for a moment, imagine the peace of mind you’d enjoy if you hired a professional agency to do it all for you.

With Aurora advertorials, you can be sure of sparkling headlines and absorbing, entertaining, compelling copy. We’ll also make sure it blends in with the host publication and that you and your company come up smelling of roses.