Concision is hard. Really hard. This is why it’s harder to write a great short story than a mediocre novel. It’s why TS Eliot didn’t write haiku – he simply wasn’t good enough. And it’s why tagline or slogan writing is possibly the hardest to nail of all promotional writing.

But if you do get it right, a tagline can do incredible things for your business. It can lodge in the mind of anyone who reads it. Like an earworm, it can get its hooks into a person’s brain, taking you – or whatever it is you’re trying to communicate – with it.

Whether it’s for your website, your business or a specific product, a great tagline:

The very greatest taglines are catchphrases that pass into popular use and become part of our cultural

landscape. Think of the following…

Distilling the essence of your business into a few words that say both who you are and why you’re worth it is both an art and a science, and yet another reason you should definitely give us a call.

Auroras can create a snappy, effective tagline for your website, brand or product that – though small – can have a massive impact on your business.