Proofreading & Editing

Great editors know the rules of grammar, but they also know when to craftily break them. Like Les Dawson playing the piano badly. They transform mediocre or even good writing into fantastic writing.

Our tip-top team of highly experienced editors will:

Whether you require a total rewrite and major restructuring or just a little tweak to round off the edges and make your copy perfect, we can help. We’re as flexible as you need us to be.

We also have a team of proofreaders – members of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders – who can ensure that your copy is free from errors of spelling and grammar, as well as any potentially humiliating typographical errors. (“Warmest retard”, “Thanks for your massage”etc.)

From the formal pre-production phase of a major publication process to the last-minute read-through of an important blog post and everything in between, we can make sure you’re good to go live with total confidence.