Email Copywriting

Reports about the death of email marketing have been greatly exaggerated. Social media might have stolen some of the limelight but email still delivers more website traffic and conversions. If it didn’t work, you wouldn’t have every major retailer in the world using it and your inbox wouldn’t be jammed full of promotional emails.

Yes, email marketing is about persistence, but it’s also about writing and shaping the copy in a way that has impact and gets your message heard. This means great subject lines, informative and interesting content and killer calls to action.

You don’t have time to mess about with email marketing copy. You need to grab attention fast, explain what’s in it for the reader and tell them what to do next. Every word should be used wisely and your message needs to resonate.

Whether it’s through e-newsletters or email marketing promotions, you have a great opportunity to build an audience, gain more subscribers and get your content shared. If you want to know how, please call us now on 07712 134893.