If you’re reading this now then the chances are that you’ve already decided you need a copywriter and you’re wondering how the process works. So, in the interests of using your time effectively, we’ll cut to the chase:

The Chat

Firstly, we have a meeting either by phone, Skype or in person to chat about what you need. We’ll ask questions about your business, about what you’re trying to achieve, your target audience, your

competitors and the other types of marketing you do. We’ll make sure we understand as much as we can about how you operate.

We’ll talk about the amount of copy you need, the package you would like to choose, the tone and style you require, and when you need it by. Once we’ve established all of this, we’ll go away and prepare a quote.

The Quote

We’ll put together a quote for you covering all aspects of the job including the planning time, the amount of research we need to do, and how long the project is likely to take. Once you’ve agreed the quote, we require a 50% deposit. Then we’re good to go.

The Project

We will research and write your copy in line with what we have discussed and the agreed timescales. The first draft of the copy will then be submitted to you in Word format.

The Review

To keep the process moving, we’ll ask you to get back to us with any feedback/amendments in the next 7 days. If we don’t hear from you after 7 days, it doesn’t mean that we won’t action the amendments. It just means that you will receive our final invoice. It’s obviously in your interest to get your copy completed to your satisfaction as quickly as possible, so the sooner you can let us know about any changes, the sooner you can start benefiting from the copy.

The Payment

Once the final invoice has been paid, then the copyright for the work is yours and you’re free to do what you like with it. The whole process is designed to save you time and to give you professionally written copy that will create the right impression and make the best possible impact on your customers. To find out more, please get in touch.