Marketing Copywriting That Works

Auroras Copywriting Services specialise in writing copy for all your marketing materials. Whatever you need writing, Auroras have a team of expert copywriters with a wealth of experience of creating high quality, super-efficient marketing copy for all kinds of business – from start-ups to huge corporations – in every imaginable sector.

What is marketing copywriting?

Marketing copywriting covers all the words that are written anywhere about promoting your business. Everything from the words on your website’s home page to the words in the emails you send to the words in your brochures. Even the words on the labels on any products you happen to sell are marketing copy as they can be effective or ineffective, which is to say if they’re good, they can turn someone who’s wavering and unsure into a satisfied and ultimately loyal and longstanding customer.

How can marketing copywriting improve your businesses marketing strategy?

Great copy is at the heart of any marketing strategy. The fact is, you can’t communicate your message and your service to anyone without words, and the better those words are, the more effectively your message is communicated.

Why should you use professional copywriters when marketing?

Just as you’d insist that your electrician is a qualified professional with a proven track record of doing a good job and not burning people’s houses down, so you should insist that your marketing copy is written by professional copywriters who are not going to undersell your company or tarnish its reputation. Lots of companies assume that writing is something anyone can do. It really isn’t. It’s as much as a skill as brain surgery. So yes, hiring a professional is really a no-brainer.

What different types of marketing can copywriters do for you?

At Auroras Copywriting, we offer a wide range of marketing services that you might not yet have considered and which could make a great difference to the way your company is perceived. These services include…

We also create copy for Newsletters, Press Releases, Brochures, White Papers, Advertorials and Taglines. Basically, anything that requires well-chosen, persuasive words that market your company to the right people. Auroras can take care of it.

Who should use marketing copywriters?

Everyone should use marketing copywriters. Really. Any company that uses words to present themselves to the public (which we think it’s safe to say is every company that exists) would do well to employ the services of a professional and highly experienced copywriter. So, if you don’t already have someone who can make your copy sing and your customers happy, give us a call at Auroras today.