Website Copywriting

You’ve got to be quick. If you want your web copy to work, it’s got to grab them in the first couple of sentences.

Think about your own browsing habits.

Headline, quick skim, first sentence or two and if it’s not got its hooks in your head by then, you’re already gone. And quite right too. You haven’t got time to waste on sub-standard wordsmanship.

Exceptional website copy not only needs to be written to a very high standard and with a certain amount of elegance, personality and flair (ideally with a soupcon of chutzpah thrown in), it also needs to work visually.

This means:

And let’s not forget:

Ideally, every story you publish will include a call to action, to increase the possibility of actual interaction and connection with casual browsers.

Whether you’re setting up a new web presence and not sure of the voice you should opt for, or concerned that your existing copy isn’t cutting the mustard, we can help you get it right.

Never forget: every casual browser is a potential customer.

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