What is SEO Copywriting


What is SEO Copywriting and why should you care?

SEO Copywriting, in a nutshell, is writing words for your website that get noticed by search engines. This kind of writing has to achieve three goals:

  1. It has to make sure it’s noticed by search engines so that people who are interested in whatever it is you want to show them are directed to your site.
  2. It has to be informative and entertaining enough to keep those people reading and not just clicking off to another site.
  3. It has to be informative and entertaining enough to have people clicking through to the rest of your site, to see what else you can do for them.

It used to be the case that SEO writing could get away with being a lot of relevant keywords all linked together in an illiterate stream of barely legible half-sense. A lot of companies still produce that kind of guff too, but search engines have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years and now they actually sift your content for quality. This means that your content has to be clear and well-written. It has to make sense, and it has to provide concrete information.

Keywords are still an important factor in SEO content writing, but rather than throwing them at the wall en masse to see what sticks, your skilled SEO copywriter will slip them into the copy so deftly, that you will barely notice them. This is why – if you have a website that you actually want people to visit – you should care about SEO copywriting services and you should definitely consider engaging a professional SEO content writer.

Auroras Copywriting Services have a team of highly skilled and experienced writers trained to deliver effective copy that provides the perfect balance between valid search terms and smooth, flowing readability.

What about eye-catching headings?

Well, they’re all part of the service. Not only do Auroras guarantee you great headings and well-written content with just the right number of keywords, plus effective titles and meta tags, but we will also make sure that your optimised copy is absolutely unique to you and your business. We will make sure that your copy reflects who you are and what your brand is, as well as being presented with personality and containing all of the information your visitors need.

As well as straightforward SEO copywriting, Auroras can also handle all of your other website copywriting, including blog posts, news stories and even newsletters for your mailing list. The Auroras team of writers and editors are experts at creating copy for businesses in any sector and in any geographical location.

Whatever you need – from SEO copy to press releases, from direct mail marketing to magazine articles – the dedicated team of writers at Auroras are able to figure out exactly what it is that your target audience is looking for and produce exactly the right words to convince them they’ve found it.

Looking for SEO copywriters of unbeatable quality?

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