Websites Need Copywriting


Why does your website need a professional web content writing service?

In short, so you don’t look like a bunch of amateurs.

Website copywriting, in a nutshell, is any online writing designed to sell or promote your products or services. The first step towards closing a sale, however, is actually managing to engage potential customers. This means convincing them that you have what they need, or at the very least, convincing them that you’re worth listening to.

You have no time to lose…

When it comes to website copy, time is of the essence. Website copywriting services that work have to work within a couple of seconds. The first few sentences are crucial and web copy that works, works fast.

Consider your own internet browsing habits. First of all, you’re almost always in a hurry, so if it’s immediately clear to you that the site you’ve just visited does not have the information you need, you’re gone.

You’ll look at the headline and the first sentence – and that can often be enough to convince you that you’re in the wrong place. If you’re not immediately pulled into the text, you might also skim the rest of the page to see if anything else grabs you, but the chances are, you won’t hang around. And why should you? You’re far too busy to waste your time on anyone sloppy enough to fill their website with poor copy. After all, if they don’t care enough to make sure their website is informative and entertaining, what are the chances they’ll care enough to provide the right product and service that you require?

It’s a kind of magic…

Great website copy – even the most basic SEO copywriting – needs to be written with skill, elegance and personality. It needs to have a voice. It should be that anyone landing on your website and reading your content is immediately pulled in – without thinking about it or even being aware of what’s happening. It should be like some kind of weird word-magic casting a spell over them. They’re reading and they’re reading and they don’t even know why – it’s like they’re being seduced. Of course, the words that you use are only part of the trick. The rest is down to presentation.

Good presentation means breaking up the text. Good presentation means:

* delivering easily digestible, bite-size blocks of text

* writing great, eye-catching sub-headings

* interacting smoothly with the right images

* using bullet points – everyone loves a bullet point

As for the words themselves, they have to tick the following boxes:

* the language has to be simple without being stupid

* it has to be concise – with ideas expressed quickly and confidently

* your intention has to be clear – what do you want from your readers?

* there has to be ample opportunities to interact – every page on your site should include a hugely persuasive call to action, giving all of your visitors the chance to interact with you and your product.

Never forget that even the most casual visitor is a potential customer. So whether you’re setting up a web presence for the very first time and you’re not sure of the kind of voice you should have, or you’re worried your current copy isn’t up to scratch, give us a call at Auroras today and we can help you get your website copy right.